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Acquire New Clients
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Everything Needed to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign is Included


Here's How it Works

Pay-Per-Click aka PPC

When managed properly, pay-per-click (PPC) is the most predictable, measureable and responsive form of internet marketing for law firms.

The most effective way to quickly place your law firm in front of your target audience is by paying for your ads to appear on page one of the main search engine results pages; Google®, Yahoo!®, and Bing®. This requires certain operational expertise and knowledge to ensure that your ads, bids, keywords and localization are optimized for top performance.

For this reason Google and Microsoft offer a rigorous certification to ensure companies who offer these services can provide them on an expert level.

Our PPC Campaign Managers are both Google Certified and Microsoft Accredited Advertising Professionals and specialize only in law firm internet marketing.

Captivating Ads

Your ad is the first opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience. We provide proven ad copy which elicits a higher response rate.

Proven Ad Copy

Your ad copy must be written in a manner which attracts your ideal client. We have spent years testing and perfecting our ad copy to attract the specific type of client you want to represent.

The ads used in your campaigns are proven to elicit a high response rate. We also employ a number of techniques in the creation of our Ad Copy to increase your Quality Scores with Google, which in turn reduces your cost-per-click.

Conversion Websites

Creating a law firm website that turns site visitors into phone calls is a science. We provide keyword specific websites proven to convert clicks to quality calls.

What sets our websites apart:

  • Our sites convert at 4x industry average.
  • We provide keyword specific sites for each area of practice.
  • Each area of practice may have up to 7 different keyword specific sites. For example, criminal law could have a separate site for Drug Crimes, Assault & Battery, Theft Crimes, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, etc.
  • Each site that you receive has been tested and proven to perform.
  • We fully customize each site to your law firm.


You cannot convert every site visitor the first time around. We provide a technology that brings back lost site visitors using targeted banner ads.

No matter how well your advertising campaign may be performing, the simple fact is that you cannot turn every single click into a conversion. Remarketing, also called Retargeting, brings lost site visitors back. It works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying targeted image and text ads to them as they visit other websites online. On average, 95% of website visitors leave without converting into a prospect. Bringing ready-to-convert users back to your landing page or website after they have left is an integral part of any web marketing and conversion strategy.

We provide a retargeting solution that uses a combination of image (banner) ads and text ads. Our remarketing ads have been tested for maximum efficacy. They use a number of strategic value propositions along with a strong call to action which brings past website visitors back to your site and converts them into prospective clients.

Sample Remarketing Ads:

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Keeping track of the performance of your campaign can be complicated. We provide a complete campaign tracking solution.

We understand the complexities of running a law practice. We will provide multiple tools so you can quickly determine the effectiveness of our services. Every phone call and lead is emailed real time to your approved email accounts. We will also provide detailed personalized dashboards so you can see how we are spending your approved budget, where the ads are being served, conversion data, geo targeting data, mobile/desktop conversions, ext.

Sample Reports:

Drive Traffic with PPC


Captivating Ads


Conversion Websites


Remarketing Site Visitors


Call & Lead Tracking


A proven internet marketing solution for lawyers.

Proven Campaigns & Websites

Fully Customized to your Law Firm

No Work on Your Behalf

Up & Running in Days

Receive Quality Phone Calls & Leads

Full Analytics & Campaign Tracking

No Contracts | Small Budget | Big Results

Try us out for 30 days, if you do not retain clients, cancel at any time.

No Contracts
Small Budget
Big Results

Try us out for 30 days, if you do not retain clients, cancel at any time.

Our Results

Our Internet Marketing Campaigns Produce Better Results

Conversion Rates

Legal Industry Averages vs. Convert IT Marketing
Online marketing results are measured in conversions. A conversion is a response to your advertising which may come in the form of a phone call or website inquiry. The higher the percentage of respondents (conversions) to site visitors, the better your ads are performing.


Higher than the
Top 10% Of Advertisers


Higher than the
Top 25% Of Advertisers


Higher than the
Median Conversion Rate

* Based on Wordstream study - "What is a good conversion rate"
Kimm, Larry - Wordstream 2014

The blue bars in this chart represent the benchmark conversion rates in the legal vertical compiled using thousands of Google Adwords Accounts and over $3 Billion in AdSpend.


"Typically only about 3% of people coming from an online ad will fill out a website form; with conversion optimization that can be doubled to roughly 6%. With outstanding offers or marketing apps some companies have created conversion rates several times higher than that"
-Harvard Business Review, Louis Gudema

See Actual Client Results


Actual Client Results from a 30 Day Campaign

Select your Area of Practice for Specific Results

Bankruptcy 30 Day Results

$640.45 Total Ad Spend

54 Ad Clicks

14 Phone Calls

4 Leads

18 Conversions

33% Conversion Rate

Criminal Law 30 Day Results

$852.59 Total Ad Spend

93 Ad Clicks

17 Phone Calls

4 Leads

21 Conversions

22.58% Conversion Rate

DUI/DWI 30 Day Results

$566.43 Total Ad Spend

938 Ad Clicks

12 Phone Calls

5 Lead

17 Conversions

24.6% Conversion Rate

Family Law 30 Day Results

$833.30 Total Ad Spend

98 Ad Clicks

27 Phone Calls

3 Leads

30 Conversions

30% Conversion Rate

Foreclosure 30 Day Results

$1,346.60 Total Ad Spend

95 Ad Clicks

12 Phone Calls

9 Leads

21 Conversions

22.1% Conversion Rate

Immigration 30 Day Results

$495.18Total Ad Spend

88 Ad Clicks

22 Phone Calls

3 Lead

25 Conversions

28.4% Conversion Rate

Personal Injury 30 Day Results

$5,306.96 Total Ad Spend

135 Ad Clicks

26 Phone Calls

6 Lead

32 Conversions

36% Conversion Rate

Probate 30 Day Results

$673.25 Total Ad Spend

142 Ad Clicks

15 Phone Calls

7 Leads

22 Conversions

15% Conversion Rate

Tax Law 30 Day Results

$747.45 Total Ad Spend

40 Ad Clicks

11 Phone Calls

3 Leads

14 Conversions

35% Conversion Rate

People Are Talking About Us

Here is what they are saying...

See Client Reviews

People Are
About Us

Here is what they are saying...


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Terry T.

"My experience with Convert IT Marketing has been well worth the investment. The results have been very consistent over time and the customer service is excellent."

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Daniel H.

"Convert IT is well worth it. They are getting me about 40% of my clients. They are always working on ways to make the ad-words more effective. I went through 3 seo companies and finally found Convert IT. The industry as a whole seems pretty shady but I vouch 100% for this company (and I don't get any perks for making these recommendations)"

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William G.

"We started in January 2012 and they more than proved themselves in the first month. I gladly recommend their services and invite any prospective clients to contact me directly with any questions."

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David M.

"Convert IT is the best internet marketing and pay per click advertising company on the web for lawyers. All of the leads I have received are solid and have returned revenues multiple times over my investment."

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Marcus D.

"In the last month we have signed 2 clients from your service with a contract value of around $16k! So thanks for the great work."

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Carleton C.

"Your company has single handedly changed things around for my firm. I can't tell you how appreciative I am of all your hard work. We have tried multiple marketing companies and nothing has been more consistent and profitable than Convert IT Marketing."